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How to Recover your Dell Laptop, if you Forgot the Password?

· Dell Support

This document helps you to recover your Dell laptop when you forgot the login password of your laptop. Well, this is a very sensitive case, if you forget the password of your operating system, after this you will have no longer access to your account.


Usually, to prevent the unauthorized user and to protect your data we enable the login password. But, in case you forgot the password you can recover your Dell laptop by three different methods.


Here, are the methods you can follow to recover your Dell laptop password-

Method 1: Reset your Dell laptop password on Safe Mode:

If you are using Windows XP operating system, you can simply recover the login password. In Windows XP, by default account named administrator with a blank password is created at the same time therefore, when you reset other account’s password, by default administrator is not display on the welcome screen.

Recover your Dell Laptop, if you Forgot the Password?

Method 2: Reset Dell laptop password by Windows password reset disk for Windows XP/ vista/7/8/10:

  • Access the login screen and try to attempt to log-in.
  • If you have Window password reset disk, access it and a message will prompt whether reset windows password with password reset disk.
  • Select ‘use password reset disk’ to continue.
  • Insert the disk and follow the on-screen instruction to reset the password.

Method 3: Recover or Reset Dell laptop password with password tools:

  • Download and install “Spower Windows Password Reset Professional” on your system.
  • Create a password reset disk; click USB device and then select USB flash drive from the list and click to Begin burning button.
  • When you burned the disk disconnect the USB from your system and plug it with the Dell laptop.
  • Put your Dell laptop to boot from a USB drive; press F2 to enter BIOS setup utility and set USB drive as the first boot device, and restart your Dell laptop.
  • When the Spower password utility windows launches, select your account and click to reset.

For more help and solution, contact the experts at Dell Support Number Australia @ 1800-431-452 and avail our services from online or offline mode.

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